Solo exhibitions at Rosenfeld gallery, Tel Aviv
Fantasia attempts to examine oriental and psychoanalytic visuals in the context of passion, memory, trauma and fantasy.

Fantasia focuses on a golden, decorated male dancer who performs unconventional belly dancing and combines visibility of bodybuilding competitions. His presence is deceptive, between sensual physical temptation and conscious performance of seduction, which simultaneously draws and distances the viewer.

The concepts of "fantasia(Y)" (fantasy and fantasia) are processed into the vision of desires, ranging from defined legality to improvisation and liberation, between sensual physicality and fantastic occurrence.
Yehuda, 2018, negative, inkjet, 100x75 cm
Pali, 2017, negative, inkjet , 40x60 cm
Almog and Tamar, 2018, negative, inkjet, 30x38 cm (75 diameter - Framed)  
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